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Housing Society Accounting Services

Housing Society Accounting Services

Accounting services for housing society ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR HOUSING SOCIETY
Tagline Cooperative Housing Society Accounting Job Introduction Management of a housing society is a tough job. Many people believe it is a matter of authority. The truth is that it is a matter of great responsibility. If you are secretary of one or more housing societies and you have had your share of experience in managing the issues of society then you must have wondered if only there were a way to organize all concerns of the society. Well, there is. Log on our website for FREE trial > 1- E-mail facility for sending maintenance bills & receipt 2- Web based service for viewing member’s ledger & bill Since 1996 we providing accounting services to housing societies in and around Mumbai city. We are recognized as one of the best co-operative Housing Society Accounting Services in Thane. As a complete society management our service provides pe…

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